Neues WordPress Plugin: WP Custom Login

Ein weiteres WordPress Plugin von mir wurde nun publiziert. Mit diesem lässt sich der Header und Footer auf der Loginseite anzeigen.

Weitere Infos sind folgender Seite zu entnehmen.

9 Antworten : “Neues WordPress Plugin: WP Custom Login”

  1. Hello Ninos!
    I don’t speak english, sorry. But i understand little. Your plugin is wery good!

    Header good but footer no look. Wy? Please ansver!
    Thank you!


  2. Hello Ninos!

    I think yours plugin is unique!
    Many WordPress users have the ability to write new CSS. But capable redesign.
    Only should base css file and it would be very popular.
    I offers to you upload your default css and many wordpress users happy.

    All the best!


    • I can upload it, but it would not fix the problem, because the stylesheet has to be customized for each theme. There is no way to have a standard css, that fits to every theme. If it would be possible, I would have done it. Sry

  3. Ninos, thank you for the plugin, it adds a professional touch to our work. Per your release notes I did find that if I allow the php file to remove wp-admin-css and colors-fresh-css the display for login is left justified on the page. When I comment out the line in the php file it returns to the middle of the page. Perhaps it is related to the theme I am using, which is iFeature Pro from Cyberchimps.

    I also have to comment out the footer display, as if I leave it in, the footer covers up part of the login information – again I suspect this is because of the theme. I am happy with the results, but thought the feedback may be useful in case you are planning to make future changes

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